Stephane Farouze founder of Marly & Dan

Pure Salmon Pet Nutrition: a circular economy strategy for our beloved pets!

After creating 8F AM and Pure Salmon Group, Stephane Farouze decided to launch Pure Salmon Pet Nutrition as a result of our resource optimization and circular economy strategy. The first Pure Salmon brand of pet treats is released, under the name Marly & Dan.

Marly Dan Pure Salmon Pet Treat Nutrition packs

Marly & Dan, a family story!

Marly is the beloved and cherished golden retriever of the family, always ready to play, run and be pampered.

Dan is Stephane's son, and above all Marly's best friend, they are inseparable!

Stephane Farouze Dog and Son

Marly & Dan fulfils two missions:

  • Provide healthy and sustainable protein to all, including pets
  • Reuse all our high-quality protein by following our zero-waste policy

Proven benefits of salmon - Omega 3

Salmon is recommended by veterinary as a source of health benefits for cats & dogs:

  • Supports puppy brain development
  • Helps to relieve arthritis by reducing inflammation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Boosts canine heart and kidney condition
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat condition
  • Reduces anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity
  • Supports dry, flaky skin conditions in allergies

Natural ingredients suitable for daily use

Each of our recipes are developed with the expert recommendations of a consulting veterinarian and of an animal nutritionist, that's why we carefully select the finest natural ingredients to provide the best nutritional functional benefits.

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