Phytotherapy for dogs: explanations and benefits

Phitothérapie chien, le bienfaits des plantes pour chien, friandises pour chien

For a long time now, phytotherapy has had nothing to prove: used by humans and animals to treat their illnesses, it has been a great success for several decades. Less expensive than drugs, more natural, the art of treating with plants is making a strong comeback, especially with our four-legged friends. What are the benefits of phytotherapy for dogs, when to use it and how to administer it, we explain it all to you!

What is phytotherapy for dogs?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's zoom in on the etymology of the word "phytotherapy": did you know that it was composed of two Greek words, "phuton" meaning plant and "therapeia" meaning "treatment"? As you can see, phytotherapy is nothing other than treatment with plants!

More precisely, it is a method that uses the benefits provided by plants to relieve various ailments. It is thanks to the natural chemical compounds present in plants, in their roots, in their stems or in their leaves or seeds, that those who use them can treat certain pathologies or simply improve their well-being.

In the past, people used to treat their dogs with plants, but the increasing domestication of dogs and the use of conventional medical products (drugs, antibiotics, etc.) has unfortunately led to a shift away from this method of care.

However, the appearance of harmful effects linked to the abusive use of allopathic and chemical products on dogs has recently revived the use of phytotherapy!

When should I use phytotherapy for my dog?

Phytotherapy has many benefits for dogs, both in terms of prevention and treatment. Most often, owners use it for the following problems:

  • Chronic conditions, such as allergies.
  • Pain caused by heavy treatment.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • Internal and external parasitic infections.
  • Weaknesses in the immune system.
  • Behavioural problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or hyperactivity.
  • Problems related to the ageing of the dog.

What are the benefits of using phytotherapy for my dog?

It offers natural care

Unlike man-made medicines and chemical remedies, canine phytotherapy uses only plants. This means that it is 100% organic, which limits the side effects and can sometimes be used in conjunction with traditional treatments. This method is also more reassuring for dog owners as it is natural and is part of what is known as "alternative medicine".

It helps prevent health problems

"Prevention is better than cure", you've probably heard this famous proverb, which fits well with phytotherapy! Using plant-based treatments can indeed prevent certain health problems by preserving the dog's well-being (by reducing its stress, for example, which can be the cause of certain diseases).

It complements allopathic treatments

Medicines and antibiotics manufactured by humans are sometimes necessary for your dog, especially if it has a serious pathology for example. In such a case, canine phytotherapy can be used as a complement to traditional medicine, especially to relieve the side effects of these heavy treatments.

It allows you to benefit from affordable treatments

Another advantage of phytotherapy treatments is their low cost. Conventional treatments are usually quite expensive and are rarely, if ever, covered. Phytotherapy for dogs is therefore an attractive alternative because it allows you to treat your pet without exceeding your budget.

What forms of plants should I give my dog?

First of all, although it is possible to use various plants that you find in nature for your dog yourself, it is still preferable to leave this task to experts since many plants are similar. In order to avoid poisoning or poisoning by pesticides, it is best to choose preparations of known origin and certified organic quality!

Discover our products

You can give your dogs plants in the following forms

In capsules in their food

These contain active plant ingredients that are ground into a powder. The benefits depend on the type of active ingredients in the capsules.

Via oily macerates

To be used externally or in combination with your dog's diet, depending on the type of plant and its benefits.

Via aerial sprays

You can spray a few drops near your dog's basket, for example, or in the room where your dog is. They can also be sprayed on the coat, for example to combat parasites. 

In the form of snacks

This last form is probably the easiest way to give your dog the benefits of herbal medicine, as your dog will usually see the snacks as a reward or treat during the day.

Some of these products are available from Marly & Dan. If your dog tends to get stressed, for example, the tender 'Serenity' snacks can help your dog relax. These snacks contain several natural ingredients, including two plants with active ingredients with relaxing properties: valerian and chamomile.

If your four-legged friend often gets sick, the 'Immunity' chew bars will be of great help thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of the turmeric roots present in them.

To find other herbal snacks with other benefits, please go directly to the "Dog" category of the site!

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