The benefits of dog treats

Friandises pour chien, au saumon, sans céréales

In addition to pleasing your dog, giving him treats has many other benefits, some of which you might not even have imagined! To maintain a good master-dog relationship, for your pet's education, to facilitate certain situations that are unpleasant for him but nevertheless essential, or even for his own health, we show you the various advantages of giving your dog snacks! 


Giving your dog treats makes it easier to train your dog 


Known as 'positive reinforcement training', giving your dog treats is a method of encouraging good behaviour and obedience. It is a form of dog training that is not based on punishment but on reward. Not only has positive reinforcement training been proven to be more effective than most traditional methods, it is also much more enjoyable than other methods, both for the owner and the dog!  

When you have a new puppy, snacks also make it easier to get his attention and to ingrain in his memory that he is directly rewarded for doing what he is told. 


Giving your dog snacks to promote the human-pet relationship 


Of course, the primary function of treats is to please your dog! It's an opportunity to add a little variety to his eating routine and to allow him to try something new. It's also a way to bond with your pet as you interact with him by giving him these treats. By giving him snacks, you appear to be a pleasant, comforting and trusting presence. Your dog associates the pleasure of the treat with humans and develops a growing affection for you and the family members who give him treats over the years. 


Giving your dog treats to get him used to certain rituals 


Treats can also be used to reassure your dog and to help him accept certain situations that are more or less unpleasant but sometimes necessary for him. This may be the case, for example, when you leave your home, during visits to the vet, during grooming, when you handle certain sensitive areas of his body to brush him (paws, ears, tail, etc.), or even during car journeys.  

The dog has a memory that works by association, so for each situation mentioned above, his brain will record the final result (the treat) and he will then be able to decide on his future behaviour when the situation recurs. If your dog receives a treat in a specific situation, he will associate it with a positive event and will be tempted to repeat it, or at least he will be less resistant when confronted with it! 


Giving your dog treats to preserve his teeth 


You might think that treats can cause tooth decay, as is the case with humans, but this is not the case with dogs. Dog snacks help to maintain the dog's teeth, especially chewable snacks, because chewing and rubbing on the teeth helps to remove plaque. These treats delay the formation of tartar and some even have properties that help to eliminate the oral bacteria responsible for bad breath. This is the case, for example, with one of Marly & Dan's leading products, the salmon dental stick, which also contains fennel seeds, green tea extract, parsley and peppermint. The main function of this product is to treat your dog and at the same time eliminate the bacteria in your pet's mouth, thus reducing plaque, protecting the gums and giving your dog good breath. 


Giving your dog treats for overall health 


Of course, dog treats should be given sparingly to prevent your dog from becoming overweight. However, quality treats given at the right frequency will help maintain your dog's overall health. It is generally recommended that you give your dog natural snacks as these are more beneficial to his health: 


  • They have a lower caloric intake than industrial treats and therefore allow you to better manage your pet's weight. 

  • They facilitate digestion and reduce possible allergies and intolerances. 

  • They contain good fat and proteins that are essential for a beautiful coat. 

  • They are a source of high quality protein, which is necessary for the dog's immune system. 


You can find this type of natural treat at Marly & Dan, a brand that specialises in making treats from 100% natural ingredients, especially plants.  

Take the 'Immunity' dog chew bars for example. These contain turmeric and chickpea, both of which are known to act as natural antioxidants and help boost the immune system. As protein is also necessary to support immunity, you'll also find salmon in these chew bars, an ingredient rich in omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids that also aim to improve the health of your dog's skin and coat. Since these fatty acids are not naturally synthesised by your dog, it is beneficial to his health to give him these treats to supplement his diet.   

The brand offers other treats that all have different properties: calming, boosting, regenerating, energising, antioxidant, for senior dogs, for specific training or to aid digestion. Whatever the case, they are all made from natural ingredients that can be consumed daily by your four-legged friend. In these cases, it is safe to say that dog treats are both fun and useful rewards!

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